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Our mission is to serve as a single point of contact for patients, healthcare partners, community-based organizations, and sponsors seeking actionable clinical trial recruitment and participation information.

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Are you considering a clinical trial? 

Without clinical trials, we wouldn’t have life-saving prescription drugs, vaccines, stents to open clogged arteries, or other medical advancements. People like you are essential in the search for cures for countless diseases. Clinical trials may also be used as an option to seek care for a medical condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or cancer. We appreciate your interest are excited to answer any questions and work with you as you consider our trials.

Powered and backed up by M&B Sciences, Neighborhood Trials helps people like you find clinicals of interest to you. We will be your central source to help link you to the right trial for you and provide you with information and 24/7 support via chat, phone, or email.

Healthcare Professionals
Why Use Neighborhood Trials? 

Healthcare Professionals benefit from a myriad of  resources and support services to receive the best information and a diverse recruitment pool. We close the gap between you and the long patient recruitment process.

What Can You Expect From Us?
  • We leverage our data assets and community partners to drive success in your trials.
  • Our tools for Healthcare Professionals increase recruitment volume for your clinical trials.
  • We provide a network of experts you can tap into to educate and train investigators.

Click the button below to provide a little information about your organization. One of our experts will follow up with instructions on how you can bring the value of NeighborhoodTrials to your company.

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Community Partners
A Message To Our Community Partners

We believe community and faith-based organizations play a critical role in improving the health and well-being of individuals living in their communities. Our community and faith-based partners support our community engagement and dissemination of fact-based information on clinical trials and the importance of considering clinical trials participation as an option of care. With a common goal of increased health equity and reductions in health disparities, our community and faith-based partners work to ensure individuals living and working in their communities are exposed to opportunities to participate in clinical trials.

By becoming a community partner, you are helping to create opportunities for individuals in your community to become aware of opportunities to participate in clinical trials close to them and helping individuals in your community access promising treatments that are often not available outside of a clinical trial setting.

Let's Work Together

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